I first got into cycling on a dare. While on a trip home to see friends and family in Michigan, a buddy challenged me to ride in a 100-mile road race. With no prior training, I entered the race and took fifth place in my age group. Shortly after was September 11th. Feeling impacted by the tragedy, I decided that life was too short to not follow my dreams and aspirations. So, in April of 2002 I took on a solo unsupported coast to coast bicycle adventure, completing the ride from Laguna Beach, CA, to St. Augustine, FL, in 28 riding days, less than half of my projected time.

Next, I took time off the bike to focus on mountaineering, and that year successfully summited Washington State's highest peaks. During this time I became inspired by the Furnace Creek 508. I began training for it in January of 2004 by riding with the Seattle Randonneurs. Even with my initial ride I was finishing well along side ultra cycling and RAAM veterans, helping me realize that this was something I had a talent for.

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