Crew Member - Bob Brudvik   Crew Member - Peter Beeson


I’m never out there alone in my races, and I could not compete without the fantastic support I have received from so many who have crewed for me:

Bob Brudvik, Matt Smith, Leah Smith, Mark Thomas, Jason Wisner, Steve Rettig, Steven Morales, My Mom, Tim and Matt Meyer, Alan Gross, Mike McHale, Eric Vigoren, Greg Paley, Steve Masters, Urs Koenig, Peter Beeson, Peg Winczewski, Dan Turner, Erik Anderson, Jan Acuff, Brian Ohlemeier, Sol Manion, Jami Taylor, Shannon Henery, Terry Lentz, Louise Comar, Sol Manion and Lara my lovely wife.

And of course many, many more people who have helped in so many ways to get me to the events.